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At Science Arts Healthcare Centre, there are many experienced TCM specialists, professor-level physicians, and a veteran medical team on standby to provide quality medical services. We provide individualised TCM treatments on internal medicine, oncology, difficult diseases, gynaecology, acupuncture, orthopaedic massage, and other consultation services.

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Internal Medicine

Internal medicine is a core discipline in the studies of TCM. It uses TCM theories to determine causes and pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment and prevention for internal medicine diseases. Using a holistic concept and treatment according to syndrome differentiation as its core, it provides a clear medical diagnosis and treatment for patients to achieve the goal of fast recovery.


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medical procedure that took shape during the Warring States Period and was developed in the modern times. The unique characteristics of acupuncture have become particularly pronounced in the medical industry. It has outstanding medicinal efficacy in the treatment of after-effects of stroke, all kinds of sports-induced injury and a variety of diseases with pain symptoms.

Healthcare Tui Na

The efficacy of healthcare massage in improving health and prevention of disease has been evident. Modern research shows that healthcare massage is effective on specific parts of the body: Correct abnormal positions of bones and joints, muscles, ligaments etc; Restore flexibility of muscles, ligaments, capsular ligament, blood vessels and other soft tissues, maintain or restore limb and joint functions.

We value your life and we care for your health, thus we are committed to providing you with high quality Chinese proprietary medicine, health supplement products and healthcare services.

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