Physicians & Therapists

Liu Yan Jun

TCM Physician

  • Singapore Registered TCM Physician;
  • Bachelor Degree, Beijing TCM University;
  • Former Member of the expert panel, World Healthcare Federation;
  • Former Healthcare Specialist, Singapore Sports Council;
  • Over 40 years of clinical experience

Treatment in: Internal medicine:Gynaecology; Paediatrics; Tumour; Hypertension; Hyperlipemia; Coronary disease; Diabetes; Senile diseases; Sequelae of stroke; Digestive diseases; Peri-menopausal syndrome; Fatigue syndrome; Depression & anxiety conditions.

Working hours: Every Friday.


We will give you a call within two (2) working days to confirm your appointment.


+65 6744 2651


150 MacPherson Road, Science Arts Building, Singapore 348524