Science Arts | About us | Traditional Chinese Medicine

Science Arts | About us | Traditional Chinese Medicine

Science Arts | About us | Traditional Chinese Medicine

Science Arts | About us | Traditional Chinese Medicine

Science Arts | About us | Traditional Chinese Medicine
Science Arts | About us | Traditional Chinese Medicine
Science Arts | About us | Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Science Arts is a Singapore-grown holistic health and wellness brand that has been promoting Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) healthcare over for 50 years.
We are a one-stop provider for your TCM needs and deliver our services in three main areas of expertise:

– High-quality products: We support your health with quality Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) products and health supplements

– Healthcare services: Our TCM clinic, Science Arts Healthcare Cerntre, led by a team of TCM physicians with years of clinical experience, provides patients with quality healthcare services.

– Education: We also run our own Science Arts TCM College, where we offer a variety of classes, ranging from specialised TCM Master Classes to TCM-related educational programmes.




Science Arts Established

Science Arts had its humble beginnings as a general goods trading company. Inspired by a passion for health and wellness, Mr Tan Lee Huak and his peers ventured into traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), and have never looked back.



Mei Hua Brand founded

Mei Hua Brand, founded and registered in 1980, is currently a well-known local proprietary brand, with hundreds of products under its flag.



Science Arts Building

Relocated headquarters to current premises at 150 MacPherson Road.



Science Arts Healthcare Centre

Science Arts Healthcare Centre was established, providing a full range of TCM services, including consultation, medication and acupuncture.



People Developer Standard

Science Arts was awarded the “People Developer Standard” by the Standards, Productivity and Innovation Board, SPRING Singapore. This shows the company’s emphasis on staff training, to equip staff with skills to keep up with the times, be innovative and forward-looking.



Joint Venture with Beijing Tong Ren Tang

Science Arts started a joint venture with Beijing Tong Ren Tang, a renowned TCM brand with an illustrious history of more than 340 years in China. The strong alliance allows both companies to complement and grow with each other.



GMP Certification

We were awarded the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification by HSA (Health Science Authority), a testament to our commitment to reliable and quality products.


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Halal Certification

Since 2004, Science Arts has been promoting the uses and knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine among the Malay community. For the first time, 19 kinds of Chinese Proprietary Medicine were issued the Halal certification in 2007. Another 20 of our products were certified Halal in 2008, gaining the recognition and trust among the Malay community.



Science Arts TCM College

Science Arts TCM college was set up in 2008. Since then, the college has been collaborating with educational institutions (such as schools), community centres etc to promote TCM culture and share health-related knowledge with the public. Through sharing sessions by TCM physicians, the concept of TCM culture and the knowledge of healthy living is extended to a larger community.



Singapore Prestige Brand Award

Science Arts was awarded the “Singapore Prestige Brand Award- Heritage Brands” by the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (ASME) and Lianhe Zaobao, to honour the efforts of local brands who have developed and established a name through different kinds of branding initiatives.



Singapore Quality Class Certification

Science Arts was awarded Singapore Quality Class and Singapore Service Class by SPRING Singapore, to recognize its achievements in the fields of management and training.



Elective Module in Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Science Arts & Ngee Ann Polytechnic (Interdisciplinary School): Science Arts first introduced TCM as an elective module in 2011, educating students the history and application of TCM in their daily life. The programme is in its 8th running year as of 2018.



Flagship retail outlet

Science Arts opened its first retail outlet at Chinatown Point, bringing quality health products closer to the public.



Singapore Quality Class STAR

Science Arts was awarded the Singapore Quality Class – STAR with Service and People, recognising its achievements in customer service excellence, people development and corporate management.



50th Anniversary

Science Arts celebrates its 50th anniversary.

We firmly believe that we can make history. We are also aware of the Entrepreneurs’ social responsibility towards people and society. Hence, as in the past, Science Arts will tirelessly continue to double its effort to promote TCM culture and values as well as to promote healthy living amongst all people.

— Tan Lee Huak, Chief Executive Officer of Science Arts Co. Pte Ltd




Promote TCM culture, provide quality health services to the public

The healthcare industry is all about a person’s health and safety. At Science Arts Co. Pte Ltd, we value your life and we care for your health, thus we are committed to providing you with high quality Chinese proprietary medicine, health supplement products and healthcare services.



To provide safe, high quality & effective Chinese proprietary medicine, health supplement products & healthcare services

As a manufacturer and provider of Chinese proprietary medicine, health supplement products and healthcare services, we are committed to the following at all times: our products are safe, of high quality and effective; the medical and healthcare services we provide are good and reliable.



To develop into an outstanding international corporation

With a well-established business in Singapore, we strive for progress while seeking opportunities to build an extensive business network with our counterparts in the region and the rest of the world.


As a symbol of trust, Science Arts places utmost importance in the safety and reliability of its products. We were awarded the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification in 2007 by the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) in Singapore.

Class 100,000 Clean Room

Science Arts is equipped with class 100,000 clean rooms certified by professional organizations. Our equipment possess high levels of automation.

Quality Standards

In accordance with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) requirements, Science Arts utilises high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS) to measure various components according to control standards to ensure uniform and stable product quality.

Science Arts also ensures that all facets of the manufacturing process, ranging from supplier management to user feedback processing procedures, adhere to strict quality assurance.