Go Natural! TCM & Facial Health - Science Arts

Go Natural! TCM & Facial Health - Science Arts

Go Natural! TCM & Facial Health - Science Arts

Go Natural! TCM & Facial Health - Science Arts

Go Natural! TCM & Facial Health - Science Arts
Go Natural! TCM & Facial Health - Science Arts
Go Natural! TCM & Facial Health - Science Arts

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Go Natural! TCM & Facial Health

14 Sep, 2018


Discover ancient China’s best kept beauty secrets! In ancient China, concubines and empresses invest in their appearances to gain the emperor’s favour. In Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, having sufficient qi, blood and fluids help one maintain a healthy glow, enhancing skin elasticity and texture.

A healthy complexion is key to achieving that youthful look and healthy glow. However, with the myriads of health products available in the market, finding the right product that fits your specific needs is becoming increasingly difficult. By procuring your products from a trusted traditional chinese medicine company, you can be sure that what you get is reliable. Listed are a range of traditional chinese medicine products and services that addresses various needs to enhance one’s beauty and facial health.

Choorigin Face Masks

One of the four great beauties of ancient China, Yang Guifei, was admired for her exquisite complexion. It has been said that she uses a combination of valuable traditional herbs to create facial masks. With her baby-smooth skin and radiant complexion, she was an unparalleled beauty of her era.

Bringing you the benefits of traditional herbs through modern technology in skincare, Science Arts is the official distributor of Chinese traditional pharmaceutical enterprise Yunnan Baiyao’s Choorigin face masks, including Choorigin Hydrating Anti-Oxidant Mask, Choorigin Regenerating Moisturizing Mask, and Choorigin Radiant Brightening Mask. Each mask, with its extravagant botanical combination and luxurious mix of herbal extracts, is able to help you achieve a healthier complexion depending on the effect desired. The masks provide deep nourishment, soothe fatigued skin, and restore a luminous glow, all with completely organic ingredients.


Pearl Capsules

Legend has it that ancient China’s most powerful female figure, Empress Wu Ze Tian of the Tang dynasty, uses pearl powder to preserve her radiant complexion. Pearl powder is delicate powder made from precious pearls and has been one of China’s prized traditional ingredient, affordable only by the royalty and privileged classes. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine theories, pearl powder is able to calm and relax the nervous system as well as brighten the eyes and skin. Pearl powder is rich in natural minerals and nutrients which helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, pigmentation and blemishes. Mei Hua Brand Pearl Capsules are made with 100% margarita (pearl powder) to clarify and rejuvenate skin so that you too, can shine like an empress.


Facial acupuncture

Botox, facelifts and laser treatments – these are just a few of the procedures some women opt to undergo to turn back the clock for a more youthful complexion. Here’s our natural alternative to that lineup – facial acupuncture.

Facial acupuncture is a painless procedure which aims to improve facial complexion and enhance skin elasticity. Needles are inserted into selected acupoints to aid in qi and blood circulation to promote collagen production and achieve glowing skin. This cosmetic treatment can also help resolve issues such as wrinkles, eye bags and pigmentation. Facial acupuncture can also help to regulate the zang-fu function to improve overall health for good skin.


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