What You Need to Know About TCM in Singapore - Science Arts

What You Need to Know About TCM in Singapore - Science Arts

What You Need to Know About TCM in Singapore - Science Arts

What You Need to Know About TCM in Singapore - Science Arts

What You Need to Know About TCM in Singapore - Science Arts
What You Need to Know About TCM in Singapore - Science Arts
What You Need to Know About TCM in Singapore - Science Arts

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What You Need to Know About TCM in Singapore

04 Feb, 2020


Traditional Chinese Medicine has been something many of us have known and trusted for generations now. But for many younger Singaporeans, what we know about this traditional medicinal art barely scrapes the surface!

To help you understand more about this practice, here are some basic things you need to know about traditional Chinese medicine in Singapore!

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine

As the name suggests, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an age-old practice that has evolved over thousands of years. TCM uses various treatments, herbs and practices to treat health issues, while also improving the state of your body and mind. To get a more in-depth look at how TCM can help you, let’s take a look at the common TCM treatments in Singapore, and what they typically help to treat!


Common TCM treatments


Acupuncture has become popular not just in Singapore, but in many western countries as well. This can be attributed to its effectiveness in treating various sorts of ailments or health issues. With acupuncture, TCM practitioners use thin needles to stimulate specific meridian points on the body through the skin.

Studies have shown that acupuncture is effective in treating pain, especially ones that are chronic in nature, such as back pains, neck pains, osteoarthritis and even headaches and migraines! It’s also been highlighted as an effective treatment for gastric conditions, menstrual pains, blood pressure issues and morning sickness as well.


Tui Na Therapy

Tui na therapy works in a very similar way that acupuncture does–by focusing on meridian points. This massage technique aims to balance your body’s qi energies, which is believed to cure pains, ailments, and enhance overall health.

With tui na, practitioners use their hands and elbows instead of needles to stimulate the flow of energy in your body. Similar to acupuncture, tui na massages can help treat pain and illnesses such as digestion issues, respiratory conditions, arthritis, chronic pains, stress, fatigue and insomnia as well. Tui na therapy and acupuncture may sometimes be recommended together depending on the patient’s condition for more effective results!

Herb Prescription

TCM takes a more holistic approach when it comes to their treatments, opting for herb prescriptions that have predominantly naturally-derived ingredients. You can consult a TCM physician for a whole host of ailments, from heart issues to digestion and even feminine health concerns.

Herb prescriptions are usually a mixture of various herbs, that can be consumed raw, brewed or as a powder that you can take as a pill, or mix with water. The exact dosage and mix of the herbal prescriptions are extremely important, so you should always consult a TCM physician, and follow the dosages very carefully.

Chinese Proprietary Medicine

Chinese proprietary medicine is a form of medicinal treatments under TCM that have been manufactured and packed into dosages such as pills, capsules, tablets and so on for convenient consumption. Besides herbal extract, they may contain other animal-derived products and minerals depending on its intended use and formula. They are able to treat a broad spectrum of ailments.

With a dizzying array of Chinese proprietary medicine in the market, it is important to ensure that you purchase them from a company you trust.


Do I need TCM?

Suffering from chronic illnesses and pains can often be a consideration factor in consulting a TCM practitioner, but TCM is not just for the seriously ill. As a result of stress and poor lifestyle, many of us today exist in a sub-health state where we face fatigue, lethargy and general discomfort on a regular basis. TCM has the ability to treat these issues by helping to manage and enhance your overall health and well-being.


Where can I get TCM treatment?

TCM like any other medical practice should be administered by someone you trust. At Science Arts, we’re a locally-grown holistic health and wellness brand that has been practising TCM for over 50 years. On top of that, we are GMP certified, so you can rest assured that our products have undergone strict quality control, promising not only safe but effective treatment as well!

To find out more about our TCM products and services, visit our online store, or make a booking with us online. If you would like to speak to one of our experienced physicians, you can also reach us at 67443383, and we’d be glad to assist you!